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Thank You All
I'd like to thank you all for 23,000 pageviews. It's just a number I know, but to me it means that people wish to look at more of my art after seeing one of my pictures... so THANKS! I will continue to make art for you guys as best I can... thanks to Mangastream also for featuring my work, really got me out there.

Im trying to finish a colouring of the Kage panel of Naruto 562 (last weeks chapter, preview below) and another panel from 563 (this weeks chapter)
its just been sitting here since last week, I couldnt be bothered to do a Background ... silly excuse lol.
Edit: Its Done Now-…

Also, sadly, I no longer do free requests, although I do have a few that Ive accepted already and not completed. I'll get them done some time.

I may put up some prices for commissions, Im just trying to sort some stuff out in the real world to see if id actually have any time to do them.  I'll try to make reasonable prices, but before all that,  I need to figure out Paypal ... Apologies for not responding to those of you who have requested recently, ive been planning this for a while.

Anyway, once again, Thank You very much to all commenters, watchers, favers and viewers :)

Peace and Love :)